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Custom Diamond Painting Kit

Custom Diamond Painting Kit
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Due to variance in the display of colour across different monitors, colours may not be an exact match, use for reference only.


Custome 5D DIY Diamond Painting Kit

100% full coverage, Square Tile


Create A Stunning Diamond Painting Picture

From Your Favorite Photo.


Price is dependent of size and colour count of the custom picture, as all customs are personal to the individual and unlikely for any 2 to be the same, we can not give a price out before we see and render the original picture, I hope you under stand this, to be able to give a price we will need to see the picture you wish to be kitted up.


To Start Just Click Below and send us your Photo. 


Click here to send us your photo by PM on our Facebook page



factory processing time approx 30 days



factory processing time approx 30 days after payment

Sample of one of our customs


Kit Includes

Coded Canvas
Tile Tray



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